Our Idea


"When we protect and restore drylands, we advance on many fronts at once: we strengthen food security, we address climate change, we help the poor gain control over their destiny, and we accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals"

Ban Ki Moon, General Secretary of the United Nations during the World Day to fight Desertification



Because of the steadily increasing pollution of the environment, especially as a result of the worldwide high emissions of CO2 - more than 50% of the global warming is induced by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases – and the resulting negative effects on the environment have moved us to develop strategies on how to remove carbon dioxide naturally from the atmosphere.




To achieve this goal we go where nature is especially challenged – into the desert.  Infinately wide and mostly degraded land which confronts nature and man with large challenges due to its adverse conditions but also poses infinitely large potentials, which we plan to utilize by applying our ideas and founded knowledge.

1.925 billion ha of degraded land is in desert areas.  A huge land mass but without any use for humans and environment because these soils are not available for food or feed production.  Almost 1 billion ha of these lands are part of the areas which are the focus of our interest, namely hot desert areas along the ocean shores.  Those hot deserts are almost as large as the 1,4 billion ha globally available as agricultural lands.

Atmosphere Protect GmbH wants to use these areas and offers solutions, based on our intensive research, how to restore these large areas.  At the same time we want to show paths how their function as carbon reducers can be advanced.




For this, Atmosphere Protect GmbH relies on the various positive features of so-called energy plants, which built the foundation of our work.  Particularly interesting is Jatropha curcas, a plant which is especially suited with its large CO2 binding potential.

How great this potential really is shows a large feasibility study conducted on behalf of Atmosphere Protect GmbH which includes 13 individual research contributions of renowned scientists of large universities.  Next to the plant agronomy, the technical feasibility, the ecologic-economic evaluation and climatic effects of a large scale intervention as well as the possibility to increase precipitation over the planted area, as proven by us for the first time, have a high significance in this study.  All contributions had one thing in common: they proved without a doubt the large potential of CO2 sequestration in hot deserts near the coast with such energy plants and attest that the re-greening of deserts along the shore of warm oceans would have a high ecological and economical benefit. 




Therefore, the innovate concept of Atmosphere Protect GmbH examined in the feasibility study proves to be a futuristic idea of carbon binding with the help of desalinated seawater and high production energy plants in hot desert areas and thus utilizes them in an effective way for climate protection and agricultural development.  An idea which is interesting to all those who would like to contribute sensibly to the preservation of the environment and protect their economic interests at the same time. Are you one of those people?

Things that can be done:


  • Emission reduction credits within the scope of the climate protection agreement of the Kyoto protocol can be applied to co-finance desert control measures; a certification of these emission reduction credits is possible within the frame of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and re-cultivated land can be used later for irrigation intensive agriculture and forestry.
  • The rehabilitation of hot deserts through robust energy plants like Jatropha curcas would contribute to compensate various ecological functions of the fast dwindling forest areas.  The danger of soil erosion is avoided; shading of the soil leads to a drastic reduction of the surface temperature and a considerable improvement of the hydrologic cycle, as shown in our studies.




To allow for the large sphere of action of the Jatropha curcas plant, Atmosphere Protect GmbH naturally also offers competent consulting services for further – also smaller – applications of this energy plant.  For instance:


  • Cultivation to re-green large hotel complexes
  • Plantations to render shade and wind protection
  • Jatropha curcas can also function as protective shield against sand storms


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Get to know the large potential of this plant – we can offer expert advice how to fully exploit this potential according to your individual wishes and ideas.



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